560 Roller Press


The Frister+Rossmann 560 roller press has a 2 year guarantee for domestic use and a 1 year guarantee for commercial use. This covers electrical and mechanical parts and excludes consumable items. The guarantee also covers labour, collection and delivery. The collection and delivery applies to UK mainland addresses only.

Forget your old domestic iron and discover the innovative solution
Frister+Rossmann steam roller presses

Mountains of shirts, t-shirts, trousers or sheets; heavy-duty textiles or finest fabrics; tricky ruffles or delicate collars; perfectly smooth or a quick touch-up – with Frister+Rossmann steam ironers everything goes faster and easier than ever…. and without the effort.
You can have perfectly ironed laundry in only half the time.
And, time saved means more time for you!
Anyone who has used a Frister+Rossmann steam roller press can’t imagine ever doing without it again! 
You can iron anything that comes out of your washing machine – and three times faster than with any standard iron.
No matter what you iron, you can remain seated and don’t need to exert any pressure. 
No more tired legs or aching back! Only Frister+Rossmann has two open heating shoe ends – ideal for ironing tubular pieces.
Hard to believe, but true – we guarantee that a little practice is all you need and you’ll soon be ironing shirts in less than 3 minutes!
You can comfortably control roller speed, steam, and pressure with the foot pedal. 
It is no longer necessary to dampen your laundry before ironing. It only takes a little while to heat up and then your Frister+Rossmann steam roller press is ready to go!
3 steam levels to choose from! The steam is  distributed evenly from below for good fabric penetration. 
Even the most stubborn wrinkles just disappear. You can choose between constant steam or just a burst of steam, as needed.
There is no danger of unwanted shiny spots. Even rows of buttons pose no problem for the soft, highly elastic roller.
Even steam and heat distribution guarantee perfect ironing results! The heating shoe lies below, as on professional hot mangles. 
Heat and steam distribution are perfectly even. Even the most demanding fabrics are smoothed gently and easily. 
Sheets and tablecloths are child’s play, thanks to the larger ironing surface. 
The big collecting table means that everything stays smooth and practically folds itself!

What does this mean for you?

Smoother, more hygienic ironing results – every time.
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