Brother Innov-Is F440E

Create projects with your own style and flair. Be unique.

The Brother Innov-is F440E embroidery machine has a wide variety of designs to enhance your sewing projects to make them truly unique. You will be astonished as the capabilities and ease of use of the F440E.

The Brother Innov-Is 440E has a larger embroidery area of 180mm x 130mm (7″ x 5″) and has 138 built in designs, 140 (10 shapes x 14 stitch types) built in embroidery frame patterns and 11 built in embroidery fonts (in 3 sizes) all available at the touch or a button.

Combine embroidery patterns or fonts to personalise and embellish your projects.

Your design options do not stop there, you can import embroidery designs from the internet or your own created designs (from digitizing software) using the USB port and load these directly onto the machine. The F440E is also compatible with the Brother PE Design digitizing software, where you can create your own designs and customise designs.

Other fantastic features of the F440E is embroidery speeds up to 650 stitches per minute, built in thread cutter, upper and lower thread sensors.

Editing embroidery patterns

Easily adjust the size, rotation or mirror embroidery designs at the touch of a button. Customise designs further by adding text or combing several designs.

3.7″ LCD touchscreen

The F440E has a colour 3.7″ touchscreen which shows the designs, on screen editing and tutorials.

Large embroidery area

180mm x 130mm (7″ x 5″) mean even more space to be extra creative with even bigger designs.

Automatic needle threading

Effortlessly thread the needle by simply lowering the lever.

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