Elna 220EX

The Key To Genuine Enjoyment

The eXplore 220 mechanical sewing machine is the key to genuine enjoyment. With it’s full complement of stitches and features, this easy to operate, affordable, high-quality sewing machine is perfect for anyone learning to sew as well as for experienced sewers who want to add a basic, quality sewing machine to their sewing room.

The eXplore 220 offers a large choice of practical and decorative stitches, including a 4 step buttonhole, which can’t help but impress.

Needle Threader

This feature is a real time saver. Engage the needle threader behind the needle and a small hook locates through the eye of the needle. The thread is then taken around the guide and the needle threader released. Result – a needle threaded in seconds.

Adjustable Foot Pressure

With the adjustable foot pressure delicate lightweight fabrics can be stitched on the minimum setting, avoiding the possibility of marking the fabric. For heavyweights, turn the foot pressure to the maximum allowing the feed dogs to get maximum grip resulting in perfect even stitches.

Drop Feed

For those who like to express their creativity with free hand embroidery. Drop the feed dogs leaving you in full control. Or use traditionally for darning.

Free Arm / Flat Bed

Use as conventional flat bed for general sewing tasks or remove the slide away attachment for free arm sewing, allowing you to easily sew sleeves, trouser legs or any “difficult to reach” areas.

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