Lily Power Steam Press AST526

Introducing an exciting new Power Steam Press from Frister+Rossmann…The Lily Range!

The Lily Range of heavy duty steam presses have been designed to offer an excellent combination of features, functions and benefits that will help save money, time and energy.
The research and development of this range has focused not only on the ultimate pressing mechanism that produces fantastic results but also on the overall design and operation of the press in a concious effort to make the whole ironing process more comfortable and enjoyable.
All of the models in The Lily Range can be used with or without steam but unlike some other steam presses, deciding to use the steam function will not dramatically reduce the life of your press because the integrated Anti-Scale Technology automatically processes the water and manages the steam production. The AST uses a filter cartridge to reduce the mineral content in the water which helps to protect the steam function and doesn`t compromise the performance of the overall steam system.

User friendly features include:

Electronic Display

See all of the relevant information at a glance including most importantly, the heating plate temperature. With a temperature range that can be set for delicates right up to linen, you will always be sure that the heating plate temperature is correct for the fabrics being ironed.

AST – Anti-Scale Technology

All of the models in The Lily Range have built in Anti-Scale Technology which helps to prevent the build-up of limescale. The formation of limescale in the steam system seriously impairs the performance and eventually completely prevents steam production. Each model in The Lily Range has a water filter cartridge incorporated into the water tank which treats the water accordingly. The EMC – Electronic Mineral Control monitors the mineral levels in the water and the condition of the filter. In tests, filter cartridges can be expected to last up to 6 – 12 months depending on the level of minerals in the water.


The AST526 weighs 11kg and has safety locks on both handles so it can be easily carried and stored.

Wide Opening

When raised to its maximum height, the mechanism used in The Lily Range creates a larger space to enable the positioning of your items without your hands getting too close to the Teflon coated heating plate.

Fingertip Control

The assisted opening and closing of the heating plate means that it can be operated single handed with the minimum of effort. The ergonomic single piece rounded handle has been specially designed for comfort, even during extended use.

Automatic Steam

When the steam function is selected, the steam will be produced automatically as the heating plate is lowered onto the item. No extra buttons or levers to press, push or pull.

Steam Boost

For stubborn creases, the Steam Boost function can be used at the touch of a button. This increases the steam production from 90g/min to 120g/min.

Safety Shutdown

All of the models in The Lily Range have built in shutdown safety devices for both closed (15 seconds) and open (15 minutes) positions.

Removable Water Tank

No more special filler jugs needed to refill. The water tank can be easily removed for filling, even during ironing and has a handy 0.8ltr capacity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model No – AST526
  • Voltage & Frequency – 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power – 1600W
  • Net Weight – 11kg
  • Unit Size – 690 x 315 x 635mm
  • Pressing Plate Size – 680 x 275mm
  • Regular Steam Output – 90g/min
  • Booster Steam Output – 120g/min
  • Steam Readiness – 2.5 – 3 mins
  • Water Tank Capacity – 0.8 Ltr
  • Automatic Pressure – 46kg / 101lbs
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