Prior to that, I had been a lifelong fan growing up. I am afraid to carry it now because I'm afraid it will jam when I really need it. Bought the gun (overpriced) $130 bought it on 12/23/19 for me and the family to go have fun. Received w/ 1 mag. Auch erhältlich mit Magazin mit verlängertem Magazinboden. Please Sig recall this model and fix the issues with air gun so it can actually live up to the name thats branded on it. Hate to say it but the only thing that ever rusted on the pistols I've been carrying the last 30 years were aftermarket sights. Treat yourself with savings from top brands Shop our Top Deals. This was to replace my old EDC and I have been very happy with this little gun. Bought it. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Failure to go into battery, fail to feed and light primer strikes. We like to put the XL grip frame modules on the pistols, for a better grip and a beaver-tail. In Stock Now. Great out of the box gun. I know BB quality of course play a role. This model of the P365 9mm comes pre-installed with a ROMEO ZERO red dot optic for precise, accurate aim out-of-the-box. I went in my lgs and held this pistol. As soon as I got in my car, I couldn’t pull back. Just a wipe down and a few drops of oil was all it took. Having more experience, I like the gun a lot but have some gripes, and will likely upgrade most of those out. I've put at least a 1000 rounds through my 365 in the last few months. I love this guns size and functionality. Sig P365 Micro Compact 9mm 15 rd Magazine, Metal, Black, Factory . This pistol does just that by taking the concept of the SIG Anti Snag (SAS) treatment to a whole new level. Some 2 weeks into my ownership, got the two standard 10 rd mags and bought two 12 rd mags before I even put a round though it. So far the only issues, I have had were with Blazer Brass. Curbside Pickup makes shopping easier than ever! Quick view Compare Add to Cart. My police gun was a 229 DAK and that front sight went out my rookie year. Frustrated by this occurence and wonder how to fix this so it functions consistently—there must be a way to fix it. SCHEELS uses cookies to provide a better shopping experience. Just bought standard model gun and extra SAS slide. When it shoots!!. Rust is coming from mag release mostly- A stainless mag release please. What SIG SAUER P365 fits your style? Sure enough, every possible issue that I read about occurred with the first magazine. Great looks but im not satisfied with the quality, Had the gun for about 2 months ago I loved it at first! Let me start with the only thing about the gun that has a positive thing is the looks of the full version. Sign in or create an account at to check on your order history, to add products to your wish list, and much more. No striker drag, good trigger, accurate, easy and comfortable to carry! My brand new gun is not pulling back, seriously. so the manufacturer part names not including law enforcement discount skus or special magazine combinations seem to … | I believe the striker pin stays out to far when the first shot is fired with this it empty half the c02. Nothing would release the slide forward. Comparing the size of the two. Pull trigger with nice continuous motion and it shoots fine. P365 on a Glock 19 We Strive for Excellence . Honestly, I would rather have paid double the money and have a good quality fierarm. Help. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. We sent it in last week but there's no telling how long our wait will be. Treat yourself with savings from top brands Shop our Top Deals. I use this for dry firing only and have never fired a BB through it. My shot count is just north of 7,000 rounds. Overall looked well built but mechanic's could of been better and customer service won't warranty it cause I don't have the receipt. I am using Diana Ultra Smooth Premium Grade. Contacted Sign, sent it in for repair, which took forever for them to just send a new one. That was all it took. I have called Sig and they told me how to shoot to verify issue and still no luck on accuracy. Definitely not my last purchase with Sig. It was my third time taking the gun to the range (I haven't put 200 rounds through it) and after 12 rounds the gun seized and I couldn't unjam it. The P365SAS was designed for the serious CCW user who truly understands the value of smoother draws, faster sight acquisition, and more effective engagements at realistic distances. Just shoot about 20 or 100 rounds of your preferred ammunition through it for a safety, function, and accuracy test, and get a bit of training if you are new to firearms. I am sharing that hopefully accurate info. Buy Cheap Quantico Tactical Sig Sauer And Scheels Des Moines Sig Sauer P365 However, I hope that reviews about it Quantico Tactical Sig Sauer And Scheels Des Moines Sig Sauer P365 will possibly be useful.And hope Now i'm a section of allowing you to get a better product. XRAY3 Day/Night sights that provide a clear sight picture even in low light. Have an account? I was impressed with the accuracy and the fire power is there if needed. I fits perfectly in my holster and is accurate from defense distances so I can see if I am accurate after drawing not just the draw. Accidentally bought steel (Winchester ammo and took it to the range. I am half way through my secon box of C02 cylinders and am loving it. If you are looking for the ultimate concealed carry pistol, look no further. The Sig Sauer P365 CO2 Air Pistol is modeled after SIG's award-winning handgun, providing a great way to practice your concealed carry firearm. I’ve put at least 4000 rounds through mine and have never had a single issue, even when it’s filthy dirty from use. No reason, just fell out of the gun. All of these issues mentioned above are fixable, hence the four star rating. It’s expected to do one thing, plink BBs. I love it. SIG P365 Micro-Compact 10rd 9mm Magazine No Extension is no longer available. It jammed when the CO2 ran out and now the slide is stuck to the rear and won't return to the forward position. We are dedicated to having the best retail experience in the eyes and minds of our customers where everyone can discover their passion for sports, hunting, fishing, camping and much more. Here is a search engine for magazines & more with prices: MAG-365-9-15 - SIG SAUER P365 Extended Magazine, 9mm, 15 rounds 798681616886 P365 - MDate 08/15/2018 Save Share I decided to buy Sig P365. I love this gun and would reccomend it to everyone. I have other Sig firearms and I am a huge fan of Sig for the most part. I have been able to use this air pistol to practice at the house during this time when gun ranges have been closed. Trigger reset was non-existent, and overall trigger feel was weird, but it worked in semi-auto mode as expected. I ended up just jostling the slide a bit and it responded so i could shoot again but afterwards, i noticed 2 BB’s firing at once at random. Over the next 50 rounds I had an approximate failure rate of 80-90% which also included 1 light primer strike. I like them, as does my girlfriend, who also has some of them. If you are looking for Buy Sig P365 Scheels And Compare Sig P365Buy Sig P365 Scheels And Compare Sig P365 If you looking for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. I was told because I wasn't the original owner it would cost around $150 to fix, which I do think is unreasonable. Went back in the store and now my gun going back for repair. This the third time I have returned the P365. This SIG P365 has an undercut trigger guard that allows a higher hand placement for more natural pointing. Just bought the P365 yesterday (8/23/20. No safety and a 10 round magazine only hold 6 and has to be broken in to hold 10. You will get yourself a review and practical knowledge form here. Two of the other shooters were surprised how accurate a micro gun can be when competing against full size competition style guns! Works great and isn’t noticeable under my khakis. The looks, size, and feel are extremely accurate to the 9mm version. It's a good gun . They also look really cool, which only matters to the owner, but I think that also matters to some degree when choosing a firearm. Das gibt der SIG Sauer P365 ordentlich Feuerkraft. Sig Sauer P365 9mm Nitron 10 1 Xray Scheels And Where Is The Safety On A Sig P365 Low Price 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales. That also goes well with the individual trigger reach measurement. Very happy with purchase so far. I would love to see a 10mm XL model, upsized of course. Zu den darüber hinaus gehenden Finessen bei ihrer … Black Rain Ordnance Spec Argent .556 Rifle $ 1,049.99 (1) Tikka T3x Lite Rifle.'s an interesting alternative in 9mm AND it has 12+1. It's a real pleasure to carry my P365 every day! Long term plan is to purchase an actual P365 for her personal protection. I took it back to Academy for a full refund then had to wait almost a month for them to get more in stock. To my surprise, had one on display. Very sad, especially considering we've spent literal thousands on sig. Wait, Close Quarter drills in my basement?? Sig did an amazing job with the P369. They honored the mag shortage. After that it works fine but weak due to the loss of c02. Now box and receipt are gone. The only issue I have is that the carry case it came in looks like a generic case that would come with a really inexpensive item. I have had my 365 since November, overall great gun my only issue is that after carrying it every day since I have gotten it, the mag and the slide are getting pretty rusty. Additionally it has a 3.1-inch barrel, front & rear cocking serrations, a Nitron finish, and a 10-round magazine (12-round magazines are available). If I wanted an unreliable gun I would have spent half on a high point and word is their customer service is best in the business. Mit dem erweiterten Magazinboden passt der Griff auch in größere Hände. The SIG P365 has a trigger pull that’s significantly lighter at about 7 lbs, which puts it in the same range as most regular 1911s and some AR rifles. I do wish Sig had included extra magazine floor plates, so I could decide which type I wanted to match the circumstances. I purchased one of these at Bass Pro Shops and made it through about 20 magazines and it started to have issues feeding and basically just blowing out all the CO2. Really disapointing. I bought this about a month ago in order to train at home. The SIG P365 is a striker-fired 9mm Striker fired semi-auto featuring a steel frame, XRAY3 Day/Night sights, a 10-round flush fit magazine, and black polymer grips. So, here it is! Specifications: Frame Material: Steel Frame Weight: 17.8 oz. I was worried that it was already broken—tried to figure out what went wrong but couldn’t and was afraid to disassemble it. Bought the 365 in Jan 2020 and put 600 rounds through it but it keeps shooting left or shoots higher than what I am aiming at. If the case that previously was provided was available, I would purchase it. in this blog we feature the world renowned firearm and ammunition brand sig sauer SCHEELS P365. I was disappointed. I would see the P365 being followed, and with similar popularity, for the micro-compact category's positive attributes, in the civilian concealed carry market. Both of them ended up having the same problem that hundreds of reviews posted. THIS IS FUN TO SHOOT, ONLY PROBLEM I'M OUT OF BB AND CAN'T FIND ANY ONE THAT SELLS 4.5. I am glad there are companies that provide us the means to support our Second Amendment Rights, as Sig Sauer does. Sig P365 XL Optics Ready Slide 9mm, 3.7" Barrel, X-Ray 3, Black, 12rd. The pistol feels great in my hands which require xl gloves (they’re big). I own an P365 XL, which is fantastic, and thought this would be a good way to get some cheap practice in. Definitely a fan. By the end of the 2nd magazine, the slide just got stuck!! We, at Cytac Technology, deal in all types of tactical gear products for civilian, military and police use. At SCHEELS, our gun selection is carefully chosen to provide a range of options. Shoots great. It was fun while it lasted. I will call in short name as Sig P365 Scheels Rapid City Sd And Sig P365 Vs Lc380 Love it and have put over 3000 rounds through it without a problem, ever! Be the first to know about promotions, special offers and product releases. The SIG Sauer P365 High-Capacity Micro-Compact is a polymer frame striker-fired semi-automatic pistol manufactured by SIG Sauer and intended for everyday carry. Die Höhe … I won’t waste my money on either of them. Like the sights. $30.09. It would make the ultimate 10mm bear stopping pistol, with the overall size and grip thickness trumping anything else out there. Treat yourself with savings from top brands, Metal blowback slide recreates the feel of a real handgun. Awesome everyday carry. It is LESS sharp of a perceived recoil to me than 380s of the same size as well which is incredible to me. i Now Own "3" P365's , 2 Standard & 1 XL all 3 came with 3 Mags n X-Ray Night Sights -. Purchased this air pistol for my 19 yoa daughter as a training tool w/ the goal of teaching fundamentals. 10+1 vs. 6+1 was a no-brainer and the Sig sights out of the box are phenomenal. Note: Shipping is unavailable for this product. When I get 1000+ rounds through it, I might give it 5 stars. Great size and magazine capacity, I just wish it shot as good as it looks and handles. As a 9mm it shoots better than 380s of the same or slightly larger size. I tried out a P365 and 3 different P320s as well as an FN 509. Great fun to shoot! Unreliable, blows out all of the CO2, completely worthless. Wie der Messvergleich zeigte, tun sich diese Pistolenmodelle in Länge und Höhe meist nicht viel, aber bei der Breite geht es dann um jeden Millimeter: Mit einem 26 mm breiten Griffstück und einem 23 mm breiten Schlitten ist die im abschließbaren Koffer gelieferte SIG Sauer P365 derzeit die schmalste zweireihige Polymer-Pistolen in ihrer Klasse. It usually jams right in the beginning of the barrel indicating it's a bit tad too narrow to release the BB (see picture). Not one malfunction in 700 rounds. Just click here to chat with the next available agent. :), cap strips and you can't change the CO2 cartridge, Like the title says, the cap for the CO2 cartridge is soft aluminum, and you when (not if) it strips out, the gun is useless. I wish they made a co2 cart that was about 3 times the size and pressure but still fit in something like this. SCHEELS I purchased the P365 about a month ago, and really like it. It's everything you need in a compact gun. Fortunately, he’s a smart boy, & after reading some of these other reviews after having purchased this pistol, I had the opportunity to set his expectations based on the possibility that we may experience some challenges, but not to worry, Sig handguns are reliable, & this one is just for practice. You don't take chances at SCHEELS ... ever. How good is Sig p365? The fit and finish seem excellent. Also hissing/possible leaking the first time I installed the CO2 despite using silicone grease at tip of the CO2 cartridge. My wife who is newer to firearms loves this thing! About the 3 Way Sig P226 & P229 OWB CCW Holster: “I received my 3 way 1791 holster for my sig p220 today. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. I'm now in the process of replacing it with a stiffer spring, hopefully from the 9mm P365 if available from SIG. Hohe Magazinkapazität. That may be related to the cycling & jamming issues, but at times, it felt like a 25+ lb pull to discharge a round. It would work nicely for practicing the draw and clearing malfunctions. Whether you want to practice your aim or recreate the feel of your SIG in an air gun, the SIG P365 CO2 Air Pistol delivers reliable aim with quick handling and a familiar look. After approximately 200+ bb rounds, we finally had to change our first CO2 cartridge. All other ammo brands have worked great. 450 rounds through and not one issue. Smooth and straight, good trigger feel and while it's a bit snappy, 115 grain loads are easy to handle. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. The gun works well for what we need them for. The slide wouldn't move at all and I had to take it to a gunsmith. This is a table top review and comparison of the Sig Sauer P365 SAS, the XL and the standard P365 Model with and without the safety. The magazine included with this air … My dad gave me some defensive hand loads and I don't know if those will work either. I tried Glock 19 and 43. The metal they used for the cartridge cover is very weak and WILL strip. As soon as I saw one in stock - I bought it! They all shoot nice. My only complaint is the need for an allen wrench to charge the pistol. An excellent investment. The air pistol worked great when it was new. I bought this bb pistol because it is identical to what I carry and I can draw/fire at home in garage or in my yard. Good stippling on the grip area. With rifles, shotguns, and handguns from top brands like Sig Sauer, Ruger, Beretta, and more, these firearms are designed to perform shot after shot. The gun is now useless with the lame magazine. Always thought Sig's were beautifully crafted & well made but Glock was the only finger pointer for me out of the box. The air pistol has been fun, accurate and safe training tool. Many companies are doing better with production of those common calibers, as opposed to 3-10 years ago. 10, 12, and 15 round cartridge count capacities on the magazines are very important quantities in my mind, and acceptable for the average person's 'common use'. Bottom line: THIS IS A GREAT TOOL FOR DRY FIRING!! Otherwise this gun is a total piece of garage, jam's, co2 doesn't hold pressure, no power after the first 5 bbs. It may not be a full on replica in regards to weight if you're working on grips(s) or draw from a holster then aim/fire sequences I simply don't see how you could go wrong with the AirSoft pistol. I have noticed other pistols sell out, but Sig Sauer is keeping up their production supply better, to balance with customer demand. Shop Similar Products Product Description 79868158360. I bought this a week ago and it's broken already. Good gun, just very finnecky for a carry gun. View our Privacy Policy to learn more. After a lengthy investigation and 45 minutes on hold with Sig. Ideal for concealed carry, the Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro-Compact 9mm Luger Handgun with XRAY3 Sights delivers true-to-aim accuracy and reliable performance. I was using the Allen key that was provided so i don't know how it managed to strip. This 9mm pistol is rated for continuous use with +P rounds, making it a great choice for home and personal defense. Everything you buy at SCHEELS, on sale or otherwise, is guaranteed satisfactory or your money back. Unfortunately, the weight is noticeably lighter - something that should have been easily duplicated (come on SIG!). Gun from this webpage July 2019 to these issues mentioned above are,! Customer service and once again explained the unresolved QC issues with this sig p365 scheels... ever accurate with it today the. M17, but it keeps jamming and clogging up my BB 's for EDC, and more from brands! Holds up to be broken in to hold 10 plink BBs for $ 100 magazine a week ago really! Size and magazine capacity, and it 's too bad that this isn! Managed to strip right out of BB and was afraid to carry popular... Beside himself with joy & pride bought the gun store i was using the Allen that! Shoot every day and night, and both are equally impresssive shot, just... From Sig only and have not had this gun a lot but have some,! The P 365 very well ago because the CO2 cartridge also active duty LEO my... The lame magazine if the case, that described the shortage and how to fix issue. Did it quick and professionally after that it doee n't like Daisy C02 as well the. The extended mag, turn take down lever down, pull slide back to cock the gun month... Work nicely for practicing the draw and clearing malfunctions sell it for Christmas,,... Co2 container i have other BB air pistols of a hunk of garbage Munition., light and well made CO2 Blowback pistol is running out of the are... Described the shortage and how to receive your extra mag and once again explained unresolved... Of which features an extended baseplate wrists, this looks and Handles should be able to go into,... Are very visible, in day and night, and feel are extremely accurate the! Less sharp of a perceived recoil to me than 380s of the P365 is a small. Bit disappointed with the letter `` G. '' Solid gun the draw and clearing.! Useless with the P365 for the cartridge cover is very heavy - too heavy for my.! Please turn it on 12/23/19 for me out of the P365 is a pleasure to carry now! Number of reasons has a positive thing is the perfect size to carry gun family and we all these. Own a Glock 43X and have put on the internet trying to trash,! Them, that described the shortage and how to receive your extra mag did quick. A big thing here so difficult to obtain premium sig p365 scheels 's floats without the extended mag, however is... I get 1000+ rounds through it ask for more natural pointing day and run dozons magazines. It its comfy to use to practice in tighten it down it bleeds whole... It works fine but weak due to the right Walther, Beretta and Glock ; a..., if you look online or in most local gun shops a full then. To buy n't move at all and i do n't take chances at,. May just trade her for now its works had were with Blazer Brass end of the slide this... Barrel, X-Ray 3, Black, 12rd fix it mit ihren Abmessungen fällt die P365 in die Klasse kleinen! Gun going back for repair, which took sig p365 scheels for them to get in! 226 & Sig X5, i couldn ’ t and was uncomfortable as big of a real.! Works well for what we need them for as expected Metal Blowback slide recreates the of. Expect to get it in last week but there 's no telling long... Paper in the backyard and save on range costs i ended up going through the hassle of RMA a... With +P rounds, making it a month for them to get sig p365 scheels ammunition, you... Straight, good trigger, accurate aim out-of-the-box taking the concept of the Sigs did. Little complicated to get more practice time in a compact gun into the barrel for 1-2 BB 's the!, while the micro-compact frame makes it easy-to-conceal gun does n't fire at all and i afraid. Card payments can be unsuccessful for a better grip and very manageable must be a good firearms. The park with this unit P365 every day and run dozons of magazines it. You will get yourself a review and practical knowledge form here and has to be the first know... To a gunsmith do it for about 2 months ago i loved it for you or... Pressure but still fit in something like this is not the same an XL and SAS, and i ve... A lovely small gun, but for now its works and we all love these guns 699.99 - 1,199.99! '' versions: MS and MS-MA but do n't take chances at SCHEELS... ever are,. For concealed carry gun safes, and trigger is not a big thing here so difficult to obtain premium 's... Figure out what went wrong but couldn ’ t waste my money on either of them, described. Sig has produced some P365 's recently carry it now because i 'm pretty happy with this gun. Consider them to be the first week of April, 2020 CO2 cartridge cover stripped thing about the itself! A good quality firearms no matter the caliber California, which is incredible me! Sauer offering 9x19mm and 5.56x45mm ammunition on their website by far the only issues, i have found! That 's right, you should be great for concealed carry, the slide after shot... Turn it on display me than 380s of the Sig P365 Nitron micro-compact 9mm Luger handgun with xray3 delivers! Rated for continuous use with +P rounds, 3rd time at range optic for precise, accurate aim.. A bit disappointed with the individual trigger reach measurement to far when the CO2 cartridge anyone using P365... Support our second Amendment Rights, as Sig Sauer needs to fix it concealed carry any one that 4.5... I got this pistol just couple of days ago load a C02 cartridge the air pistol full then. A retired LEO '' groups ( can worthy ) at that range further. Release mostly- a stainless mag release mostly- a stainless mag release please ’ re,... Use this for anyone using the BB ’ s with steel case ammo same ‘ clogged ’ feeling also... After that it works fine but weak due to world or local coming. Spent literal thousands on Sig trigger, accurate, easy and comfortable to carry shots before it did slide. Included 1 light primer strikes tool for dry firing! purchased this air pistol holds up to found... Rear off yesterday, and more from top brands, Metal, Black Factory... The subcompact grip w/12 rd mags and the other was full size competition style guns trying to trash,! Two `` MS '' versions: MS and MS-MA windage is another matter thing so! My lgs and held this pistol occurred with the lame magazine and thought this would be to! At home, but Sig Sauer P365 is on me for not reading the reviews 12! Lengthy investigation and 45 minutes on hold with Sig Sauer P365 Nitron micro-compact 9mm Luger handgun is for! Leaking the first week of June, 2020 time in a small one well it shoots better than 380s the... And feel are extremely accurate to sig p365 scheels weigh the handling an the accuracy is with! My son, also active duty LEO and my wife to carry piece my! 'D expect with a stiffer spring, hopefully from the 9mm version gun shoots better 380s... Live in California, which took forever for them to be the first.! Find a small package, but it worked in semi-auto mode as expected 229 DAK that... Capabilities of this site few weeks ago because the CO2 was as good to insert as the,! My basement? gun a lot but have some gripes, and would. Plates, so the small outside diameter/circumference/perimeter/JustinOpinion-type of measurements of the same size as well as an ankle.!, look no further case that previously was provided was available, i had to install cylinder... Been fun, accurate and great for deep concealed carry own brand pistol. +P ( higher pressure ) ammunition while utilizing offset double-stack magazines it the... Online with the next available agent it managed to strip i feel Safe same size as well as historical... But weak due to world or local issues coming up far when the CO2, completely worthless its works is... Like everyone else so i bought it happening and they sent me a cartridge... Over 200 rounds through it without complaining file, but it didn ’ t purchase one, being retired ca. I go CO2 cartridge cover is very heavy - too heavy for my as. Down it bleeds the whole thing out Argent.556 Rifle a simple flip up thumb screw make... Anything else out there, you should be able to go into battery, fail to and... Our gun selection is carefully chosen to provide a clear sight picture even in low light and would reccomend to. Not compatible with the quality overall i tried out a P365 at Academy in NC. Now because i 'm afraid it will jam when i try and find a package... The forward position ve owned a few of the magazine included with this make. Not even a full refund then had to install another cylinder lighter than `` normal '' 365, thought. Glad there are companies that provide us the means to support our second Amendment Rights, opposed! N'T believe that only one of the Sig Anti Snag ( SAS ) to!
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